Performance Games Sure Shot RP Foosball Table Assembly Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of the Sure Shot series home entertainment table. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. So, please feel free to contact your dealer for assistance with your new product or any other information you may want or need.


  • Wrench
  • Philips Head Screw Driver
  • Level
  • Hammer


Item Qty
Cabinet 1
Legs 4
Accessory Package 1
Assembly Instruction 1

Be sure to verify that all of the items listed above are included in the box before starting assembly.



  • Carefully lift the cabinet out of the box and lay it on its top, placing it on a clean and smooth surface to avoid scratching the finish
  • Remove the legs from the box and locate the accessories package.


  • Assemble the legs by inserting the leg’s threaded studs into and through the mounting pad. Then, insert a bolt with washer through the leg into inside cabinet insert.
  • Secure with (1) washer and (1) nut on each stud.
  • Insert the 7 ½” bolt and washer from the outside of the leg through the cross brace.
  • Then, install washer and nut on the bolt, but do not tighten fully until the rest of the legs and cross braces are assembled. Then, repeat this process on the other legs.
  • Now, install the center brace by putting 3 ½” bolt and washer through the center brace and the cross brace.
  • Once that is done, put the washer and the nut on to that bolt.
  • Then, repeat that on the other end of the center brace.Now that all the bolts are in place with the nuts with the nuts attached, please tighten the cross brace bolts & nuts first, then the center brace, and finally the 4 bolts that go in the side of the leg into the cabinet.
  • Tighten until nuts are flush with the surface
  • Repeat this process on each leg. Please do not over-tighten bolts as it can cause damage to the game.
  • Then, finally tighten the nut on each stud of the leg.


  • Check that all the leg levelers are screwed all the way into the legs.
  • Carefully lift up and rotate the table onto its legs

DO NOT ALLOW WEIGHT OF TABLE TO ROCK ON ANY ONE OR TWO LEGS ALONE * *We recommend (2) or more people lift the table together.


  • Locate the (2) 5-man rods. These rods will be placed in the center of the game.
  • The men are attached to the rods with a slight press fit in order to maximize their playability.
  • Place (1) 5-man rod through the bushing in one of the walls.
  • Slide on the first bumper making sure the plastic piece is facing the wall and away from the man. This will allow the bumper not to bind up with the bushing on the side wall.
  • Slide on the (5) men and then the second bumper
  • Slide the rod through the bushing hole in the far wall.
    • In some cases you may need to add a small amount of lubricant inside the shoulder hole of the man to ease the sliding of the man onto the rod *
  • Place the rod block under the rod before hammering in the spiral pin.
  • Align each man over a hole in the rod and drive in a spiral pin.
  • Repeat this operation for the other 5-man rods as well as the 3-man, 2-man and goalie rods.

NOTE: The 3-man and the goalie rods both have 3 holes. The goalie rod is the shorter rod. NOTE: The black and red men face in opposite directions.


  • Adjust the leg levelers until the ball rolls true on the playing surface.
  • For more precise leveling, use a level.
  • Place the level horizontally on the playing surface pointing towards the goal openings.
  • Check that all the levelers are screwed all the way in as a starting point.
  • Evenly adjust the leg levelers on one end until you are horizontally level.
  • Turn the level 90 degrees so it is pointing towards the ball server holes.
  • Evenly adjust the levelers on one side of the table until it is vertically level.


  • Push the rods away from you until the bumpers hit the opposite wall.
  • Apply 2 or 3 drops of lubricant to each rod while rotating and pulling it towards you to evenly spread the lubricant. Perform the same operation on the opposite side of the rod to cover both sides of the attached men.
  • Repeat as needed.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.