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The Bar Store USA Story...

Bar Store USA was created by two brothers who are always down for a good time, both with and without alcohol.

They believe in having fun as often as possible (without procrastinating your responsibilities too much) and enjoying a drink or two from time to time.

Bar Store USA was created for the person who wants to get as much enjoyment out of life as possible.

Whether you're looking to decorate your home bar, serve and chill or wine correctly, or get some awesome apparel, we've got you covered. 

You deserve to have a beautiful bar in your home to entertain, relax at the end of a hard day, or just to fashionably and properly store your beverages.

Just as you'd walk into a bar and expect great service, we aim to provide the same experience at BarStoreUSA, just think of us as your home bartenders!

Since our inception over 5 years ago, we've grown into a large volume retailer of commercial equipment as well. Although our store is friendly for home shoppers, we have commercial pricing that will beat any major appliance store.

Our dedicated team is knowledgeable in all of our products, personable and easy to talk to, and respond super quick to all inquiries.

Let's celebrate the good times! Cheers!

- Danny & Ross